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New Tumblr (OOC)

I made that new tumblr a bit early, here’s the new URL

If you all could start sending your questions and comments to that url, I would appreciate it<3 Id prefer them all sent there but if not, for a bit Ill still be answering on this page as well.

Thank you~

youngwildandbeeee-deactivated20 said: What does the ice queen do once she kidnaps you and locks you up? Does she atleast offer you food? Or hair conditioner :P?

Well, she’s never successfully held me captive for more than a few hours. Fionna and Cake are excelent rescuers~

When I am there though, I sit in a cage while she rants on the outside about how she’ll keep Fionna and Cake away ‘this time’.


mizuaoi said: *late to the party* Goood evening your highness. How are you this evening? (besides the awkward anons and the equally awkward dancing)

Oh, you know, just chatting with all of you and doing the disco, very poorly. Slowly setting up the newer tumblr account I posted about recently. That sorta thing~


Anonymous said: You're so charming, Prince Gumball! Have you been courting anyone recently? ;)

Charming you say? Why thank you~

Sadly no, I havent been given the chance for love just quite yet.


thegirlhumanhero said: Oh no babuu. Are the Anon bothering you again? :< Don't do anything you don't want to! You're all ready wearing his shirt and everything so they can sod off.

It’s not exactly a bother, I simply dont understand this pairing</3┬áIm so lost about itttt.


youngwildandbeeee-deactivated20 said: One day I shall go the land of aaa to meet you :D!

Oh~ I do look forward to that day~ :)


casualhades said: Your hair... :| ... *touches* Do not be alarmed, I am a doctor.

Touch away, doctor~


Marshall, help me.

They want us to kiss, do somethinggggg.


Anonymous said: Either dance or be in love and want to kiss Marshall

B-But.. Im already wearing his shirtttt. Is that not enough?

Hnnn *dances*

This is evil, evillllll.


Anonymous said: Suddenly a magic anon appears. I have cursed you with a dancing curse. It will wear off in two hours, but now you have the uncontrollable urge to dance!

Nooooooooooo. Whyyyyyy anon, whyyyy? Im awful at dancinggggg.


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